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Saturday, December 17, 2016

China and Turkey buy Gold. London and China gold price spread hits $50

Earlier today a new report out showed that China continued dumping dollars in November at the rate of $30 billion, taking their 12 month totals to $404 billion. At the same time, demand for gold has skyrocketed in China where premiums on the metal are ranging between $50 - $800 per ounce. And now we are discovering that Turkey's recent call for their citizens to get rid of their dollars and either buy gold or Lira has resulted in a slowdown in the devaluation of their currency, and a stabilization of the Lira over a short period of time. Asked by their President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to shun the dollar, Turks are favoring gold over liras. On the face of it, the appeal to defend the Turkish currency worked. It arrested the biggest three-week surge in foreign-currency deposits since August as Turks drew down a net $450 million from these accounts in the week ended Dec. 9. But residents also boosted their precious metal holdings, traditionally denominated in dollars, by $700 million, a hint that confidence in their currency remains tenuous, according to Nomura Inc. - Bloomberg Markets Gold demand around the world has been red hot over the past month as confidence in nearly all currencies falls to decades long lows. And contrary to the dollar's recent moves over 103 on the dollar index, much of this has been due to nations like China, Turkey, Belgium and others dumping Treasuries and their dollars reserves. As governments look towards creating policies to try to ban cash as a way to protect their dying monetary systems, more and more people are realizing that the current fiat money system that has been prevalent around the world since the 1970's is collapsing around them. And those that are agile enough to move out of their devaluing currencies and into a sounder form of money such as gold before the supply becomes completely unaffordable, are the ones who will, just like what is slowly taking place in Turkey, be prepared during this emerging currency and banking crisis where even the dollar is no longer safe.

James Bullard St. Louis Feds Central banker Sees additional hikes 2017

James Bullard forecasted additional hikes 2017 Like Janet Yellen who is hawkish from WSJ. James Bullard had previously said and projected that rates would stay the same until 2019. At the meeting this week his rate projection obviously showed that additional hike to 1.00%. James Bullard felt compelled to explain Bullard change in stance earlier rather than later. James Bullard like Janet Yellen also said that the Fed should think seriously about shrinking the massive balance sheet. James Bullard and Janet Yellen chairman of central Federal Reserve bankers are sounding more hawkish...

Monday, July 11, 2016